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As the festive season is fast approaching, making sure workers stay safe is the most important matter employers should focus on. In the building and construction industry statistics indicate we are leading up to a venerable time of the year where safety can be overlooked.

As a result, shortcuts are taken and usual protocols dismissed leading to a greater chance of injury.

Across the building and construction industry, employers may notice an increase in workplace injuries not only leading up to Christmas, but also when returning to work after the break. 

Everyone can help to prevent workplace injuries.

Here are some tips for everyone to keep a safe workplace.

  • Employers and Managers to remain vigilant about injury prevention and increasing proactive safety measures in the lead up to the holiday season
  • Ensure all workers receive a proper safety induction
  • Hold regular toolbox meetings. Discuss and remind workers the importance of reporting hazards, near misses and injuries
  • Undertake a Take 5 hazard assessment before you begin your task and report hazards to your supervisor
  • Review specific SWMs or JSA’s. This will help workers to re-focus on the task ahead
  • Watch out for signs of fatigue. Longer hours may cause momentary lapses in concentration which can result in an injury. Ensure employees are adhering to their meal break times and are keeping well hydrated.
  • Consider introducing a stretching program at the start of each shift. This will reduce the risk of sprains and strains

Employers can also encourage their employees to stay safe over the Christmas period by reminding them to:

  • Drive safely and keep to the road rule
  • Spend time relaxing and eat health foods
  • Make time to get some physical exercise

Should you have any questions or need help to manage your risks? If so contact MBA’s SQE Department,

E: mevans@mbasa.com.au

T: 8211 7466

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