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Be a Safety Champion.

This month the focus is national Safe Work Month. This year’s theme demonstrates that employees, workers and apprentices can be a safety champion for work health and safety.

To be a Safety Champion

To be a safety champion is to be a leader for work health and safety within your workplace. We all have a responsibility and duty for building a safe and healthy workplace.

Duties at work

Every person in a workplace has a duty in relation to work health safety, this includes:

  • The Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) – is a company or an individual who is responsible for running a business or workplace. This means PCBUs ensure the health and safety of their workers and are not put at risk from the work being undertaken.
  • Workers – are everyone who carries out work for the PCBU. Workers have a duty to take care for their own health and safety and their actions do not negatively affect the health and safety of others. Workers must comply with fair instructions, policies, procedures relating to their health and safety.

Apply the Hierarchy of control

The hierarchy of control measures can help you identify ways to eliminate or minimise hazards to health and safety. Safety champions are encouraged to raise awareness with supervisors and workers that the most effective measure has been applied to minimise hazards.

If you have any questions or queries contact MBA SQE department on 8211 4766.



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